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Unleash the genius in you through these tips!

Unleash the genius in you through these tips!

YES! You read it right but you don’t have to search these tips anywhere else, they’re right there on your fingers!

What is the purpose of our life?

Why do we exist?

Is God real?

These significant questions may or may not have definite answer. But the questions that have a pervasive answer to, are; what is DMIT? Why DMIT? How beneficial is this in your life?

Prof Lin patented the concept in 2009 and Mr. Manish Naidu introduced the patented Brainwonders Concept in 2011 in India.

Surveys reveal, one in ten wish they had chosen a different career. More than 50% school and college graduates choose a wrong career path.

Most of us barely has clear insights about ourselves, DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test) is the perfect solution since it is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns and understanding brain lobes and it’s uses. Medical experts confirms that fingerprint provide accurate analysis of humans multiple intelligences and potential. Thus, eliminating the “guessing game” for innate abilities and potential. Finger patterns along with the NGF(Nerve Growth Factor) derived from the ridge count, which is genetic and unique of every individual. This count helps us in scientific Brainwonders DMIT analysis. DMIT technique has been developed by scientists and research experts from world renowned universities and it is based on knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Neuroscience.

In nine cases out of ten, it is impossible to tell while a child is at school, what particular occupation will most suit their nature and capacity. Thus, most of the youth in search of suitable jobs are indecisive and frustrated. This generates a deep sense of frustration and indiscipline among the youths. DMIT is an intelligent narrowing definition of multiple intelligences with the perfect combination of our professional career counsellors and psychologists, would craft your career with the essential tools.

The major aspects of DMIT is to identify the best learning style and understand the the inborn strengths and weaknesses of the child. DMIT aids in his/her career to prepare them for a great future ahead. It studies fingerprint patterns therefore one avoids solving brainstorming puzzles, riddles or sums. Brainwonders has conducted DMIT in over 500 schools in India, prominently amongst them are all IGCSE schools. DMIT has helped teachers to understand the students and implement effective teaching aids.

DMIT is based on the proverb, every cloud has a silver lining. Humans differ from each other and everyone has their own potential.  DMIT analysis is the new future. The career assessment and career counselling provides suggestions to parents on various approaches to overcome the child’s weakness. DMIT analysis grooms them to the talents they have and skills they can develop. Most vital of all, DMIT minimises time and financial commitments to trivial courses by channelizing the resources in the right direction.

This doesn’t end here, DMIT is also opted by adults (30+)  to improve their performance skill in their career. DMIT analysis is an eye opener.

Every person is a unique blend of dynamic intelligence which grow, expand and develop throughout their life.

With the upcoming hyper-competition, the only way one can outperform is, to master in their existing skill sets. DMIT software helps students enhance their existing talent. With Realcareercentre DMIT Concept and expert counsellors, we counsel you on basis of your result. Brainwonders believes every individual is  gifted with unique talent and help you discover “YOU”.

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